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"Money Sterilizer" on the News



“As MERS spreads…. Interests in Sterilization product is rising”(SBS CNBC NEWS)


Of course, the entire industry is not suffering from the MERS.

Because MERS situation is dragging on for long time, as MERS patient has increased, interests in Sterilization and disinfection is rising 

Customer is using the machine to count money at the bank window.

Money is being sterilized at the same time counting bills.

This machine releases disinfectants into an air and penetrates every corner of bills through a space made when it counts money, and removes fine-dust with the filter in the back.

[Choi, Jung-Hee/ Chuncheon city, Kangwon Province : “Children are anxious, so do mothers because of MERS. I think this sterilizer would be very helpful.]

This money sterilizer developed by a company located at Chun-Cheon city is on test-running at some major banks, and negotiating with financial institution in USA, JAPAN, and CHINA.

This product is developed based on the ideas of the research from the NYU that says there are 3,000 different types of germs were found on banknotes.

Due to an MERS situation, anxiety and personal hygiene have become key issue resulting in great interest in money sterilization 

[MYUNG-SOO BAEK/SMI CEO : We have developed Money Sterilizer that sterilizes money at the same time counting bills for the first in the world. Plasma Ion cluster penetrates every corner of bills through spaces made by money counter. It sterilizes 98% in 20 seconds, 99.9% in 30 seconds certified by qualified office.