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"CautionBill Contamination…Infesting over 3,000 types of bacteria”(A News)

There is the result of study that contamination of bills is much more serious than known

in USA
It means bacteria has grown on bills. If you touch the money, do not forget to wash your hands.
[Richard Quest / CNN Economic Program Anchor (March last year]

It is well-known that bills in circulation are contaminated with various kinds of bacteria.

But, there is the result of study that the contamination of bills is much more serious than known.

Research team in New York University, USA tested the genes of microorganism which inhabit 80 pieces of one dollar bills. The test result showed that  as many as over 3,000 bacteria were detected.

It is 30 times over 100 bacteria found in the previous study.

In addition, various kinds of germs, mold, fine dust and animal secretion were also found on the bills.

The most part of them were bacteria causing acne, and a great deal of germs causing food poisoning, gastritis and pneumonia were al detected.

Especially, some bacteria were found to be resistant to antibiotics.

The research team says that bills does not absorb moist because they are made of paper and fiber, but also the environment for microorganism to grow is created because people carry the bills with them